Electrolysis & Epil 2000 Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair permanently by treating the hair root, thus preventing further hair growth.

Initial effects are the reduction of the superfluous hair, with the hair becoming fairer and finer.

We only use High Quality Pre-packed and Pre-Sterilised disposable needles for every treatment.

As an alternative to electrolysis we also offer Epil 2000 treatments. Epil 2000 is a safe and simple painless permanent hair reduction system that combines a bioactive gel and a high frequency current to obtain the most effective and progressively permanent hair reduction available. Any area can be quickly treated including full leg, lip, chin, arm and back.

15 Minutes electrolysis   £14.99
30 Minutes electrolysis   £19.99
45 Minutes electrolysis   £26.99
Epil 2000 Hair Removal                                 £21.99