At our AVEDA Hair Salon in Widnes we know that healthy, vibrant hair reflects how you look and feel. Our professional stylists are trained to evaluate your individual needs and establish a regular hair care regime to help promote healthy, natural hair.

Incorporating a ghd styler finish will leave you with a long lasting and stunning finish.

AVEDA natural products are utilised throughout your treatment and we also offer an individual AVEDA home maintenance program to ensure that your hair always looks and feels at its most natural and best.

Introduce your man to the AVEDA Gents Barber shop and receive a 20% discount off your next AVEDA hair appointment.



AVEDA Ladies Hair Salon

Re-Style  £28.99
Short Cut, Blow Wave, Ceramic Finish  £22.49
Long Cut, Blow Wave & Ceramic Finish  £23.99
Extra Long Cut, Blow Wave & Ceramic Finish  £27.95
Ladies Dry Cut  £16.49
Blow Wave & Ceramic Finsh  £17.49
Bouncy Blow Wave  £18.95
Extra Long Blow Wave  £20.95
Wash, Blow & Plait  £20.95
Blow Wave after Facial (offer)  £10.00
Ceramic Finish (no blow)  £9.99
Pin Curls  £5.00
Shampoo & Set (modern)  £34.99
GHD Curling  £29.99
Conditioning Treatments  £10.99
Aveda Colour Conditioning  £12.99
Short Hair Perm (includes cut & blow)  £34.99
Long Hair Perm (includes cut & blow)  £59.99
Hair Straightening (chemically)  £35.99
Bleach Wash  £11.45
(All Colours & Highlights prices are exclusive of cut and blow)  
Full Head Foil Highlights  £54.99
1/2 Head Foil Highlights  £34.99
Full Head Spatula Highlights  £54.99
1/2 Head Spatula Highlights  £34.99
Cap Highlights  £38.99
Permanent Full Head Colour  £35.99
Root Re-touch  £22.99
Roots & Comb Through  £29.99
Partial Colour  £19.99
Semi-Permanent Colour  £26.99



 AVEDA Gents Hair Barbers

Gents Cut & Blow  £16.99
Gents Wash & Cut  £14.99
Gents Short Back & Sides  £8.49
Gents Dry Cut  £11.99
Shoe Shine  £18.99



Children (Under 12)

Girls Cut, Blow Wave & Ceramic Finish   £12.99
Girls Dry Cut   £8.99
Girls Blow Wave   £7.99
Boys Wash & Cut   £10.99
Boys Short, Back & Sides   £7.99
Boys Dry Cut   £8.99




Wedding Trial  £29.99
Hair-Up  £25.99
Plait  £12.99
Wash, Blow Dry & Plait  £23.99