Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Creme 15ml

Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Creme 15ml

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Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Creme 15ml

Lift and sculpt WITHOUT the Knife

Control the way your face and eyes age without going under the knife. This cutting edge treatment goes right to the heart of the skin–ageing problem. Potent ingredients help lift, define and sculpt the face.
Sceptical? Well, clinical tests state 75% of users saw a reduction in under eye bags, lines and wrinkles a day after application. No wonder beauty editors call it a magic cream to peel back the years.

HELPS LIFT TIRED AND SLACKENED JOWLS … by removing the puffiness and cell inflammation that happens with ageing skin.

ANTI EYE-BAG TECHNOLOGY … strengthens the thin skin and collagen around the eye area that tends to store fluid.

IMPROVES ELASTICITY AND HYDRATION … tests showed 35% improvement over 60 days.

REDUCES PUFFINESS AND DARK CIRCLES … capillaries are close to the surface, around the eyes, so veins oxidise and go dark. FaceControl helps to make the veins smaller.

DECONGESTANT AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY … FaceControl’s menthol ingredient really clears the sinus area.

RESTORES CELL STRUCTURE … the amazing Gatuline Expression relaxes muscles that form facial lines.

COOLING AND CALMING … Vitamin E and other ingredients stimulate healthy tissue formation.

EXCELLENT MAKE-UP PRIMA …tightening the whole face means that make-up goes on really well.


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