Su-do EcoTan Excel Tropical Tinted Spray 50ml

Su-do Eco Tan Excel Tropical Tinted Spray 200ml

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Product Description

Su-do Eco Tan Excel Tropical Tinted Spray 200ml

EXCEL TROPICAL – Instant tan. Suits medium to dark skin.

A two phase tanning product that gives an instant as well as a developing tan 4-6 hours after application.

The finest mist ‘airbrush’ application simply floats on to the skin so coverage is smooth, even and flawless.

The instant colour will suit medium to dark skin tones.

The percentage of tanning ingredients is carefully balanced to suit this skin tone.

With Co-Enzyme Q10, moisturisers, liposomes and Vitamin B5 to help support the skin cell’s natural repair function. 7 Essential Oils naturally fragrance the skin. Before and after a tanning treatment perfumes and deodorants should not be used.

Moments to apply, instant golden natural glow.

Continuous action airbrush application from a non-aerosol. It sprays from any angle.   Aluminium, recyclable container.

The finest mist creates even cover. 50ml, carton, leaflet and a pair of tanning gloves


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