Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel. 237ml

Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel. 237ml

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Product Description

Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel Outdoor Tan Protection

For outdoor tanning & sun protection

For the tan of your life? And the life of your tan use Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel.

There is also various bronzers with SPF 6, 10, 15 and 30 Spray Gels.

The Spray Gels from Australian Gold offer optimal protection from the sun. This means you can enjoy the sun longer without burning, while your skin tans beautifully and evenly. The number with every SPF (Sun Protection Filter) indicates how many times longer you are protected in the sun. No messing around with awkward tubes or screw-top bottles, as all our Spray Gels come as practical pump sprays! Ideal tanning with protein

large 8 fl oz / 237ml Bottle


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